version 2.8
gwin_textedit.h File Reference

Detailed Description

GWIN textedit widget header file.

Definition in file gwin_textedit.h.

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GHandle gwinGTexteditCreate (GDisplay *g, GTexteditObject *wt, GWidgetInit *pInit, size_t maxSize)
 Create a TextEdit widget. More...
void gwinTextEditSendSpecialKey (GHandle gh, uint8_t key)
 Send a special key to the textedit such as GKEY_LEFT, GKEY_RIGHT, GKEY_HOME, GKEY_END. More...
void gwinTextEditSendKey (GHandle gh, char *pkey, unsigned len)
 Send a normal utf8 character to the textedit. More...
void gwinTexteditDefaultDraw (GWidgetObject *gw, void *param)
 The default rendering function for the textedit widget. More...