version 2.8

Detailed Description

Built-in rendering functions for the textedit widget.

These function may be passed to gwinSetCustomDraw() to get different textedit drawing styles.

In your custom textedit drawing function you may optionally call these standard functions and then draw your extra details on top.
These custom drawing routines don't have to worry about setting clipping as the framework sets clipping to the object window prior to calling these routines.


void gwinTexteditDefaultDraw (GWidgetObject *gw, void *param)
 The default rendering function for the textedit widget. More...

Function Documentation

void gwinTexteditDefaultDraw ( GWidgetObject gw,
void *  param 

The default rendering function for the textedit widget.

[in]gwThe widget object (must be a button textedit).
[in]paramA parameter passed in from the user. Ignored by this function.
Function Class:
Normal API, this function can be invoked by regular system threads.