version 2.8
GWidgetObject Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The GWIN Widget structure.

A widget is a GWIN window that accepts user input. It also has a number of other properties such as its ability to redraw itself (a widget maintains drawing state).
Do not access the members directly. Treat it as a black-box and use the method functions.

Definition at line 118 of file gwin_widget.h.

#include <gwin_widget.h>

Data Fields

GWindowObject g
const char * text
CustomWidgetDrawFunction fnDraw
void * fnParam
const GWidgetStylepstyle
WidgetTag tag

Field Documentation

CustomWidgetDrawFunction GWidgetObject::fnDraw

The current draw function

Definition at line 121 of file gwin_widget.h.

void* GWidgetObject::fnParam

A parameter for the current draw function

Definition at line 122 of file gwin_widget.h.

const GWidgetStyle* GWidgetObject::pstyle
WidgetTag GWidgetObject::tag

The widget tag

Definition at line 125 of file gwin_widget.h.

const char* GWidgetObject::text