version 2.8
gwidgetVMT Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The Virtual Method Table for a widget.

A widget must have a destroy function. Either use _gwidgetDestroy() or use your own function which internally calls _gwidgetDestroy().
A widget must have a redraw function. Use _gwidgetRedraw().
If toggleroles != 0, ToggleAssign(), ToggleGet() and one or both of ToggleOff() and ToggleOn() must be specified.
If dialroles != 0, DialAssign(), DialGet() and DialMove() must be specified.

Definition at line 85 of file gwin_class.h.

#include <gwin_class.h>

Data Fields

struct gwinVMT g
void(* DefaultDraw )(GWidgetObject *gw, void *param)

Field Documentation

void(* gwidgetVMT::DefaultDraw) (GWidgetObject *gw, void *param)

The default drawing routine (mandatory)

Definition at line 87 of file gwin_class.h.

struct gwinVMT gwidgetVMT::g

This is still a GWIN

Definition at line 86 of file gwin_class.h.