version 2.8
gwin_slider.c File Reference

Detailed Description

GWIN sub-system slider code.

Definition in file gwin_slider.c.

#include "../../gfx.h"
#include "gwin_class.h"

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GHandle gwinGSliderCreate (GDisplay *g, GSliderObject *gs, const GWidgetInit *pInit)
 Create a slider window. More...
void gwinSliderSetRange (GHandle gh, int min, int max)
 Set the slider range. More...
void gwinSliderSetPosition (GHandle gh, int pos)
 Set the slider position. More...
void gwinSliderSendExtendedEvents (GHandle gh, bool_t enabled)
 Should the slider send extended events. More...
void gwinSliderDraw_Std (GWidgetObject *gw, void *param)
 The default rendering function for the slider widget. More...