version 2.8

Detailed Description

Container with window decoration.

A frame is a rectangular window that can have optional border as well as buttons to close, maximize and minimize it. The main purpose of this widget is to contain children.

GFX_USE_GWIN must be set to TRUE in your gfxconf.h
GWIN_NEED_FRAME must be set to TRUE in your gfxconf.h


 Built-in rendering functions for the frame widget.


GHandle gwinGFrameCreate (GDisplay *g, GFrameObject *fo, GWidgetInit *pInit, uint32_t flags)
 Create a frame widget. More...
#define GWIN_FRAME_BORDER   0x00000000
 Flags for gwinFrameCreate() More...
#define GWIN_FRAME_CLOSE_BTN   0x00000001
#define GWIN_FRAME_MINMAX_BTN   0x00000002
#define GWIN_FRAME_KEEPONCLOSE   0x00000004
#define GWIN_FRAME_CLOSE_PRESSED   0x00000008
 The internal frame flags. More...

Function Documentation

GHandle gwinGFrameCreate ( GDisplay *  g,
GFrameObject fo,
GWidgetInit pInit,
uint32_t  flags 

Create a frame widget.

This widget provides a window like we know it from desktop systems.

[in]gThe GDisplay to display this window on
[in]foThe GFrameObject structure to initialize. If this is NULL the structure is dynamically allocated.
[in]pInitThe initialization parameters
[in]flagsSome flags, see notes.
These frame buttons are processed internally. The close button will invoke a gwinDestroy() which will destroy the window itself and EVERY child it contains (also children of children).
NULL if there is no resulting widget. A valid GHandle otherwise.
Function Class:
Normal API, this function can be invoked by regular system threads.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GWIN_FRAME_BORDER   0x00000000

Flags for gwinFrameCreate()

Deprecated. A border is always shown with a frame window now.

Definition at line 34 of file gwin_frame.h.

#define GWIN_FRAME_CLOSE_BTN   0x00000001

Should a close button be shown?

Definition at line 35 of file gwin_frame.h.

#define GWIN_FRAME_CLOSE_PRESSED   0x00000008

The internal frame flags.

Used only for writing a custom draw routine.

Definition at line 45 of file gwin_frame.h.

#define GWIN_FRAME_KEEPONCLOSE   0x00000004

Don't automatically destroy the frame on close

Definition at line 37 of file gwin_frame.h.

#define GWIN_FRAME_MINMAX_BTN   0x00000002

Should minimize and maximize buttons be shown?

Definition at line 36 of file gwin_frame.h.