version 2.8

Detailed Description

Widget that can be used to render OpenGL.

3D GWIN window based on OpenGL (or more exactly Tiny GL)

GFX_USE_GWIN must be set to TRUE in your gfxconf.h
GWIN_NEED_GL3D must be set to TRUE in your gfxconf.h


GHandle gwinGGL3DCreate (GDisplay *g, GGL3DObject *gg, const GWindowInit *pInit)
 Create a gl3d window. More...

Function Documentation

GHandle gwinGGL3DCreate ( GDisplay *  g,
GGL3DObject *  gg,
const GWindowInit pInit 

Create a gl3d window.

NULL if there is no resultant drawing area, otherwise a window handle.
[in]gThe GDisplay to display this window on
[in]ggThe GGL3DObject structure to initialise. If this is NULL the structure is dynamically allocated.
[in]pInitThe initialization parameters to use
The drawing color and the background color get set to the current defaults. If you haven't called gwinSetDefaultColor() or gwinSetDefaultBgColor() then these are White and Black respectively.
The font gets set to the current default font. If you haven't called gwinSetDefaultFont() then there is no default font and text drawing operations will no nothing.
The dimensions and position may be changed to fit on the real screen.
Function Class:
Normal API, this function can be invoked by regular system threads.