version 2.8

Detailed Description

Windows are the most basic element in the GWIN module.

The window is the most basic GWIN element. All the other windows, widgets and containers are based on this class.

A window implements the following properties and attributes:

Each Window can either be created statically or dynamically. Like any other good window system, uGFX provide some standard window types such as graphs, consoles, buttons, containers etc. This is done through "super-classing" basic windows to provide the extended capabilities.

For the common window API, please see Window.

GFX_USE_GWIN must be set to TRUE in your gfxconf.h


 The basic window implementation (base class).
 Console widget that can be used similar a terminal on a computer.
 Widget that can be used to render OpenGL.
 Graph window. Used to display highly customizable graphs.