version 2.8
GEventGWin Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A Generic GWIN Event.

A comment/rant on the above structure: We would really like the GWindowObject member to be anonymous. While this is allowed under the C11, C99, GNU and various other standards which have been around forever - compiler support often requires special flags e.g gcc requires the -fms-extensions flag (no wonder the language and compilers have not really progressed in 30 years). As portability is a key requirement we unfortunately won't use this useful feature in case we get a compiler that won't support it even with special flags.

All gwin windows when sending events will either use this structure or a structure that is 100% compatible except that it may also have extra fields.
There are currently no GEventGWin listening flags - use 0 as the flags to gwinAttachListener()

Definition at line 149 of file gwin_widget.h.

#include <gwin_widget.h>

Data Fields

GEventType type
GHandle gwin

Field Documentation

GHandle GEventGWin::gwin

The gwin window handle

Definition at line 151 of file gwin_widget.h.

GEventType GEventGWin::type

The type of this event

Definition at line 150 of file gwin_widget.h.