version 2.8
gaudio_driver_record.h File Reference

Detailed Description

GAUDIO - Audio Recording driver header file.

Definition in file gaudio_driver_record.h.

#include "../../gfx.h"

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void gaudioRecordSaveDataBlockI (GDataBuffer *paud)
 Save a block of recorded audio data ready for the application. More...
void gaudioRecordDoneI (void)
 Signal that all recording has now stopped. More...
bool_t gaudio_record_lld_init (uint16_t channel, uint32_t frequency, ArrayDataFormat format)
 Initialise the record driver. More...
void gaudio_record_lld_start (void)
 Start the audio recording. More...
void gaudio_record_lld_stop (void)
 Stop the audio recording. More...


#define gaudioRecordGetFreeBlockI()   gfxBufferGetI()
 Get a free block of audio data that we can record into. More...